Hair Extensions, Gold Coast

Invisible Tape Hair Extensions, Gold Coast

The most discreet extensions on the market!
The bond of the Invisible tape hair extensions is what sets them apart from standard tape extensions. Invisible Tapes are hand tied to create the appearance of hair growing directly from a scalp, therefore you do not get the shiny tape section across the top like traditional tape extensions which helps to create an extremely natural and discreet result.

These hair extensions are comfortable to wear, they sit flat on the scalp and are easy to hide, we recommend hair extension maintenance on invisible tapes every 5-6 weeks to keep your natural hair in good condition.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions, Gold Coast

Micro beads are applied in individual 1 gram strands, the micro bead extension are attached with a small plastic coated copper cylinder, which is simply clamped to attach. Using small non-slip cylinders they are very discreet.
With this method you can come back in every 5-7 weeks for your hair extension maintenance which involves pushing up the hair extensions to ensure they are kept neat and putting no stress/damage on your natural hair.

This method is not recommended for very fine hair.


Beaded Weft Hair Extensions, Gold Coast

Beaded wefts are the best option of hair extensions for adding hair volume or length instantly. There are many advantages of using beaded weft extensions. One is that they can be installed easily, quickly, and seamlessly, as it’s a no-glue no-heat type of hair extension.

Micro beads are used to create a track along a section of your hair, from there the weft is sewn through the beads, we use no tight braids or cornrows. The weight of the weft is evenly distributed placing less stress to the natural hair.

Beaded Weft hair extensions require maintenance every 5-6 weeks.

The Beaded Weft method of applying hair extensions is not recommended for those who have fine and thin hair types due to the link attachment and the weight of the weft.

Clip in Hair Extensions, Gold Coast

Clip in hair extension sets are perfect for those who do not wish to always have hair extensions but would like longer, fuller hair using hair extensions for special occasions, such as weddings, formals or special events. The super flat weft discreetly clips in under your natural hair giving you instant length, volume and thickness. These hair extensions are popular on the Gold Coast with brides, students going to formals and those wanting a luscious look for special events.

We are offer two different sets of clip in hair extensions in the beauty works range, both hair extension sets are 100% Remy human hair. Both these premium European hair sets come in 20 inch of length.
The deluxe clip in hair extension set is 140 grams and comes in a 3 piece set.

The double clip in hair extensions set is 210 grams and comes in a 6 piece set.

If your thinking about getting hair extensions on the Gold Coast or would like to ask us a few more questions, then book now for your Free Consultation, we would love to help create a more confident you!